Our Vision

Vision for Psalm 91 at The Potter's Place

So often we wake up and wonder, "how will we be suprised by God today?" As the Lord shares His Heart for His children, He also reveals places He has already prepared on this land to provide for them. The lay of the land, the views, the springs with lillies, the natural paths. Everything seems to already be here to simply clean-up and develop.

Shortly after purchasing ten acres adjoining TPP, the Lord began sending more missionaries than pastors for renewal. As we listened to their stories God began to reveal His Heart for these who have spent many years in the field and are now ready to return and begin again.

Dedication of Pastor and Missionary Cottages Praise

Praise God! On Sunday, Nov 17, 2019 The Potter's Place held a dedication ceremony for the three new Pastor & Missionary cottages. Two are finished and the third is in process. Over 150 people helped us celebrate.

The Memorial Meadow: A From Vision to Provision Account

The Memorial Meadow is a little, secluded meadow next to the spring, directly across from the missionary houses.

A Hub, A Powerhouse: The Lodge

The Lodge is the most exciting piece of all to me. This is a hub, a powerhouse where kingdom builders meet.

The Lodge - May 2008 Journal Entry

The “Lodge” has been a vague inspiration for many years, really since the beginning here; before anything else except the pavilion and prayer loft (War Room) were here.

More About the Psalm 91 Meadow for Missionaries

Our vision for returning missionaries is here in this meadow.

Sunset Over the Psalm 91 Meadow

The Psalm 91 Meadow for Missionaries is where returning missionaries will be allowed to live for up to a year.

The Pastors Cabins

The need for respite and renewal time for pastors is great. It is so difficult to turn them away when the guest house is booked.