The Lodge - May 2008 Journal Entry

The Lodge - May 2008 Journal Entry

The “Lodge” has been a vague inspiration for many years, really since the beginning here; before anything else except the pavilion and prayer loft (War Room) were here.

I was having a quiet time one day when God gave me the closest thing to a vision I have ever had.  I have since learned that this is not ‘a vision’ but vision to see things in a new, fresh, inspiring way; a deep, heart impression and visual that could only be sparked and accomplished by His doing. I even found a journal entry recently where I wrote these impressions down. Here are a few excerpts:

May 19th 2008  ‘There is a sense within me that we are moving toward a goal; to develop these 15 acres into a place where others can come, get away for a few hours or a day and focus on God. ---I ‘hear’ spontaneous testimonies, fresh and alive, of what God is doing; confessions, encouragements and prayers.  It’s like the pounding of a drum deep in my heart and soul, that I cannot escape unless I were to abandon myself and my faith.

This deep sense of wanting to call and draw people to “come apart” to “hear”, find, know and follow God is an urgency in my soul. It feels like everything in my life has pointed me here; wherever ‘here’ is. That ‘vision’ brought tears up from the depths of my being.

I have drawn plans and sat down to work on them several times through the years but they have never completely ‘hatched’. There has never been a clear focus or purpose other than a place to gather.  The spark was re-ignited with the purchase of what we now call the Psalm 91 Meadow and with the Lord continuing to stir our hearts for missionaries. With all this in mind, let me share where we are at this point.

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