Sunset Over the Psalm 91 Meadow

Sunset Over the Psalm 91 Meadow

The Psalm 91 Meadow for Missionaries is where returning missionaries will be allowed to live for up to a year.

Valid needs are everywhere. The hands and feet of Jesus are needed everywhere we turn, but our hearts are not moved into action for every need. When our spirits are touched in such a way, in unison, that we feel God would bless our being His hands and feet in providing, we are moved with compassion, energized, excited and compelled to act. This is the case with the ‘vision’ for missionaries.

There is no question that God moved on our hearts and it became clear in our spirits that the new meadow is God’s provision for some of His missionary children returning from serving in the field, needing a place to ‘touch down’ in order to acclimate to life in the US. The Lord did not say, “I want you to build five houses for missionaries”. But, as a result of His unmistakable heart impressions, we can only see the big meadow being the perfect spot for five houses.

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