More About the Psalm 91 Meadow for Missionaries

More About the Psalm 91 Meadow for Missionaries

Our vision for returning missionaries is here in this meadow.

We even bought another 1.4 acres in the woods so that the houses, so vivid in our minds now, can be tucked in a bit and not just in the field.  These homes would be designed to be comfortable for either a couple, who don’t want to feel like there is too much space, or a family who needs more space.  This would be done by designing a cottage feeling house with ‘flex space’.

These sent ones, who are the “beautiful feet” abroad, have a terribly difficult time coming back to this country called ‘home’ and feeling at home at all. Their being able to land in a quiet place in a small community of other seasoned missionaries, with resources available to them and their children, to stay settled for up to a year, is, we understand, huge.  Unless you or I have “been there done that”, we can’t begin to relate.

The Lord is bringing valuable help to us as we begin to gather information to know how to prepare well for these precious servants and warriors.

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