The Memorial Meadow: A From Vision to Provision Account

The Memorial Meadow: A From Vision to Provision Account

The Memorial Meadow is a little, secluded meadow next to the spring, directly across from the missionary houses.

We had hoped that nothing would be built there because it seemed like such an intentionally set apart, quiet spot. When our dear Allie was out looking for a place to scatter her friends ashes, she asked if that private little meadow would be ok. Perfect spot. The widows group, of which her friend, Nona, was head, came out with her family and had a memorial service. We talked about maybe planting a tree there in honor of her.

Around that same time, Penny donated  money from her inheritance from her father who died. We talked about the idea of planting something in memory of him. Before that, a young girl came and asked if she might plant a tree out here in memory of her friend’s baby who died before birth.  These events came together and the thought occurred to me, what if we allow people to do this? We could place trees and even benches in such a way that others are able to honor their loved ones while contributing to the development of this quiet spot.

Quiet listening and reflection is so much an important part of TPP. Others for years to come would benefit from this special space. I bounced the idea off of the two widows who were so involved and excited about this sweet spot and they were delighted. Penny also loved the idea.

I asked our son, Nathan, if he would come out, look at the spot and see if he might have any inspiration to develop a plan for a simple, quiet spot for this and he did. He not only came up with a plan but divided it into phases so that there is an order and ability to do one phase at a time.  He researched costs with his company for irrigation, recycled concrete patio, planting and placing benches, inscription plaques as well as benches with specific tree varieties that would work. He priced everything out for Phase One at between $10,000 -$12,000, as well as turn key benches and trees set.

Melanie and Martha asked, out of curiosity ;) what it would cost to do Phase One and gifted $10,000 to see that happen. They also included enough to have a tree and bench placed with an inscription. We believe this is just another affirmation from the Lord that He is pleased and He blesses. Vision followed by provision.

Phase One and Two were fully funded and are now in place; ready to be used by all who come here.  Praise God!!!

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