Functions of This Blog

Functions of This Blog

The Potter's Place Blog is useful in more than one way.

First, the blog provides a place for details about TPP news items posted to the Corkboard on the frontpage, as well as a place to plop larger versions of the featured photos and journal jewels posted there. And anything that is "In the Spotlight" at The Potter's Place can get a short write-up blog post too.

Using the tags feature of the blog allows a quick and easy way to accumulate a collection of updates on things such as project work. For example, the tags "PSALM 91" and/or "VISION" can be used each time you want to write more about the "Vision for Psalm 91 at The Potter's Place" which has it's own category page. We'll keep that page fresh by listing the latest related blog posts on it.

Utilizing sensible cross-references between the main website and the blog provides every site visitor a quick, content-rich experience. Instead of having to click through many of the website's pages to see what is new, it will be fun and easy for them to use the frontpage Corkboard. You can direct site visitors right to new info posted on this blog!

Blog posts eventually make their way to the Archives. If any become irrelevant to what you are seeking to accomplish online, it will be easier to unpublish them rather than editing a Web page. Take these initial posts I'm making for you, for example: unpublish away when you don't need them any longer. For me, they are showing you how your website blog looks filled with many posts, long ones, short journal entries, etc.

It's all good and useful.

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