Donated Funds to Build Pastor's Cabins

Donated Funds to Build Pastor's Cabins

WOW!!! Praise God!!!

We received an initial quote on Friday of $7,900 for materials to dry-in each of the three pastor's cabins and, as of tonight (Saturday night), we have received $6,900 toward the first cabin! WOW!!! I continually stand in awe of Him, Jehovah Jireh our provider.

As soon as there is enough for the other two cabins, the professional, volunteer construction teams, (what a gift!!), will come and get them dried in!! Can’t wait!

Also, JoAnn Johnson, a tv personality, author, motivational speaker and chef with her own cooking show [Good Mood Good Food] and cookbook, has generously offered to cater food for the builders!!

Any day now, we should hear the rumble of equipment to begin digging footers! Yes! We are beside ourselves blessed and excited!! Praise be to God!!!

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