A Hub, A Powerhouse: The Lodge

A Hub, A Powerhouse: The Lodge

The Lodge is the most exciting piece of all to me. This is a hub, a powerhouse where kingdom builders meet.

The more we talk to missionaries, the more our compassion, God’s compassion, is stirred and the Lodge begins to take on new life and purpose. Those transient missionaries who come to the states for a short time, need a “home base” as they travel to raise support, have meetings, take care of medical or family needs etc.. The word that three of the missionaries we talked to used was, “homeless.” The parts of the Lodge that have been designed are a great beginning for a plan to be completed.

It would have about 8 suites for transient missionaries, a living room that would hold 36-50 as well as dining for 36 or so. Seasoned missionaries could meet and eat with transient missionaries as well as with young missionaries preparing to deploy. It would be a place for discipleship training for new missionaries to become well prepared to be most effective.  This hub would allow the inexperienced to develop relationships and prayer partnerships with the experienced, to glean wisdom and knowledge they would never learn in a classroom. Those returning missionaries who are staying in the houses would have an immediate sense of value and mission in passing the baton and interceding for those being sent. Teaching, training, prayer, praise, connecting and commissioning!!!  So powerful!!! I simply weep at what I truly believe is God’s heart and intention for next steps here.

Oh---- the Lodge would also be the place where tea is served daily; a practice that many of our missionaries are accustomed to; where anyone on the grounds may join in. Committed Christians connecting with committed Christians in various stages of their journey, under the banner of a dedicated prayer team, connecting for God’s use and glory.  Can we just pause, take a deep breath, whoop, holler and PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

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