Our History

Our History

It was in these thick woods at the end of Clayton St. in Central, that Shannon loved to spend time alone with God.

In 2006, Don and Shannon Schaupp bought a five acre piece of this property and built a pavilion as a traffic-safe place for their family and for welcoming visiting friends from church. They soon had thoughts of building a woodshop and a house, but with each plan, their prayer and heart’s desire remained, “above all, Lord, use us in the building of Your Kingdom for the rest of our days.”

What’s remarkable about this place, now around 22 acres, is not what is seen, but the molding of lives because God is faithful to meet with each soul who earnestly desires and takes time to meet with Him. It is simply a quiet, safe place where people are welcome to spend time alone with God; where one can find sanctuary in the woods, a little cabin, or a secluded walking path for solitude and worship.

Though the Schaupps had no master plan, the handprints of the Master planner are evident everywhere in the amazing stories and the continual unfolding of what is now known as The Potter’s Place.

“My pastors are priceless,” the Lord whispered one day. So, to extend God’s love and our deep appreciation, we opened a guest house to fulltime pastors, their spouses, and to full time missionaries as a place to spend some days of rest and renewal. Today three small cottages are open for this purpose. This invitation is extended prayerfully, in hopes that each guest will experience to the fullest this God-given gift of Sabbath rest.

In 2017, the ministry was incorporated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit ministry under the name of Psalm 91 at The Potter’s Place. It is now led by a board of directors who seek to continue the warm and welcoming ministry begun by the Schaupps. All services here are provided free of charge and the ministry is supported by the generous contributions of those who believe in and have benefited from its services. Your support is deeply appreciated!